Taxi Cab Drivers

With over 2500 taxi cabs servicing greater Melbourne, 13CABS Taxi Drivers provide excellent service over a wide range of areas. Our high-tech Contact Centre receives and covers more bookings than any other Melbourne taxi cab company, making 13CABS Victoria's leading taxi cab company.

We recognise the important role Drivers play in the development of our industry. We offer innovative programs to all Drivers such as the First Choice program. Specialist services are also offered including wheelchair accessible taxis, MAXI Taxis, Silver Service and permanent booking runs.

Shifts to drive taxi cabs affiliated with 13CABS are available throughout Melbourne to suit your needs.

Taxi cab driving is an exciting career which can lead to new opportunities if you're interested. Many of our staff started as Taxi Drivers and some of them are now managers within 13CABS offices.

Find out how to become a 13CABS Driver here.